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You need smart, effective growth talent in your organization to build your business. Agencies are slow and expensive, and finding experienced growth talent is hard. So we decided to create it. The Sessions are like having a Director of Growth train and guide your team, without the 6 figure price tag.

Send your early stage product and growth professionals to our 6-week training and growth program. Every week they’ll work with seasoned growth professionals from New York, Toronto and San Francisco to learn growth marketing skills they can apply to your organization that week.

The value in this course isn’t in learning email funnels or how to run and optimize Facebook ads (although you do learn both). The value is in learning how to think through critical growth problems, and developing the framework for decision making that empowers your team to make good growth decisions independently.

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Drivers ed, but for growth and product marketing. The Valkerie Academy are a 6 week training program for junior growth marketers to level up their skills, their approach to growth, and provide them a supportive network of mentors who can help guide and accelerate their development.

Sessions are 2-3 hours in length, and will take place once/week.

Companies can apply to send a maximum of 3 team members to join The Valkerie Academy.

For private training please contact us.

At Valkerie, we grow incredible early stage startups. We’ve spent the past two years helping our clients grow, and listening to their concerns. Over and over again, we’ve heard the same things. Good talent is hard to find. It’s it’s hard to manage and train young growth marketers while also running a company. You want an effective team that can get in the weeds and do the work, without a ton of oversight. That’s where we come in.

We’ve helped train up growth hires, company by company, but we know we can do more. The Valkerie sessions will take everything we’ve learned coaching growth hires and teams through our consultancy, and bring it to your team.



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