Valkerie is a collective of smart technology professionals, born in the fires of early stage startups. We work with incredible startups, and innovative enterprise clients to get you to the next rung of the ladder. We’ve been through the forest before, borrow our flashlight.

Sarah is a huge asset for any company she works with.
— Wilson Hung, Director of Growth, Kettle and Fire


Warriors not mercenaries

Mercenaries will work for your money. Warriors will work for your cause. We’ll take up arms for things we care about, and we won’t say yes just for a paycheque. If we’re in, it’s because we know we can help you to be successful, and we’ll fight to get you there.

Add tremendous value

We’ve been in the trenches of startups, so we get it. We’re here to help. Everything we do, we orient it around how we can add the most value to your company right now. Whether that’s in the deep end digging through data, or educating and motivating your team, we’ve got you.

No scrubs

We’re not about ego, assholes, or buzzword bs. It’s just not our bag. We’re for exceptional founders with heart and teams who give a shit about building something extraordinary, and the world. We see you, and we want to work with you.

Sarah Stockdale


Sarah Stockdale is an entrepreneur, speaker, startup growth marketer, and innovation professional. She’s the Founder and CEO of Valkerie, a boutique tech growth consultancy based in Toronto ON.

Sarah is a guest tech expert for The CBC, and CTV, and a TEDx speaker. As well, Sarah is a frequent speaker at universities, events and conferences across North America.

Sarah has spent her career working on early stage technology startups, starting as a foundational team member of Wave, a Canadian financial technology giant. More recently she led the International Community Growth team at the San Francisco payments startup, Tilt, which was acquired by Airbnb in 2017.