We can help you grow your business in six weeks.

Learn the fundamental tools necessary to grow your customers, learn from instructors at the top of their game, and connect to a network of talented growth marketers. 


The Course

About growclass

Growing a business can be hard, lonely work. There is no blueprint to follow, and resources online are either too basic, or written in unnecessarily confusing acronyms. 

So we fixed it

growclass is a 6 week in-person growth bootcamp designed to help stand up your growth strategy, learn core skills, and save you tens of thousands in agency costs. Send your early growth and marketing hires to growclass, we’ll train them, and send them back with new skills, fresh perspective on your business, and a solid growth strategy.

growclass is six three-hour workshops designed to teach how to problem solve with growth mindset, OKR setting, and user research. Students will learn key growth channels like SEO, paid growth, email funnel development, influencer and affiliate marketing strategy, growth experimentation, writing for conversion, and a whole lot more.

Our instructors and mentors have successfully launched and grown their own companies, and they’ve worked at companies like Wave, Pinterest, Tilt, Clearbanc, and Airbnb.

There are no silver bullets to growing a company or a user-base.

We’ve worked hard to design an experience that will give you the tools necessary to grow your business, and the support required to get it done. Each week you’ll learn a new set of skills, and experiment with them in real time with the support of experts. Like going to the gym, for your brain.

Course Duration: October 7th to November 11th. Classes will be held from Toronto, Ontario.


Let us help you grow your business in just 6 weeks.


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